Mad Exporters

Himalayan Salt Experts

We are dedicated to bringing you the beauty
and tranquility of Himalayan salt in the most
personalized way possible

From Where It Started...

In a city filled with dreams and ambitions, I always wanted to start my own business.
One day, an invitation arrived in my inbox. It was from a company that assists exporters to reach global markets. This was a shot in the dark, “The time has come.”
I got more information about that company and I thought, “Why not become a customer of this company and use their expertise to export my products?”
I started working on my dream. There were times when I wasn’t sure but I stayed committed to my plan and that’s how I started “Mad Exporters”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate global connections
by exporting premium quality goods worldwide

Our Vision

To be the leading export company,
linking the world through seamless trade.

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